My review of the Deuter Speed Lite Backpack. I Love It!


Deuter SpeedLite

I’ve been keeping this post in store for some time now. It’s a review of a Deuter Speed Lite 20 Liter backpack that I purchased some three months ago. I held on to this review to have time to put this pack through the wringer. Well, not really :), I didn’t put it to a lot of stress; I’ve used it on a few hikes but mostly around town. I use it for groceries and it comes in handy, and I also use it on the bike, and to carry my Macbook and books.

I discovered it by reading reviews at Also a good source on hiking daypacks is

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier with a bag. It’s ultra lightweight and very technical. I have the 20 liter version, although this pack is offered in a 10 liter variant as well, but I found that too small for my purposes. After a few months of use, I am completely satisfied: a large net on the front pocket where I can put any tooling to repair my bike (keys, pump, patches, gloves, bags…), a large central closed Pocket where I can put my spare clothes, my books, rain cover (yes, there is enough space!) and a separate rear pocket where I can put my wallet. Two mesh pockets on the sides where I put the daily baguette, and a water bottle.

There is also the possibility to put a water bladder inside, because the backpack comes with  a hydration compartment with an opening designed for the tube.

The bag is durable, comfortable, breathable and above all very light. It’s also a very strong, very practical and ergonomic backpack. And nice looking, I might add. It’s a solid design suitable for comfort and speed. A small problem I detected is that there is no rain cover included to protect the bag in case of rain. This is not such a big problem in the city, but you got to have a rain fly while hiking, unless you want the pack to get wet. No matter how waterproof a pack claims to be, there’s always only so much rain it can take before it allows water in.

A great purchase that I don’t regret at all! Therefore, if you’re looking for a hiking pack or a day-to-day one, take my advice and get yourself the Deuter Speed Lite. It’s well useful for cycling, skiing or hiking… and even the city :) You won’t regret it.

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