TomTom launched the Runner Cardio, a heart rate monitor watch without a heart rate strap!

TomTom launched the Runner Cardio, a sports GPS watch with a unique heart rate tracking technology. Thanks to its integrated heart rate monitor, the Cardio Runner is capable of measuring the heart rate without a heart rate strap.

TomTom_Runner Cardio

The Runner Cardio measures the heart rate accurately thanks to its Mio optical sensor that controls the blood flow changes by emitting a beam of light through the skin. No more need for a heart rate strap, according to TomTom – which is a small revolution. As for design, the Runner Cardio takes over the original overall design of the Tomtom Runner / Multisports.

The new Runner Cardio from TomTom allows any runner to train in the range of optimal heart rate he or she has set in view of specific goals, whatever their level. For each training session, runners can select a zone of intensity among the five proposed options; Alerts then tell them whether to accelerate or slow down in order to stay in this range. During the run, they can consult their heart rate in real time and at a glance, as well as the distance, their pace, speed and other useful statistics.

For training, there are five possible intensity modes:
Sprint: Used primarily in segmented trainings.
Speed: Training at a sustained pace to improve one’s speed and sports performance.
Cardio: Run from a moderate speed to fast, to improve breathing and heart capacity.
Fitness: Training at a moderate pace ideal for losing weight.
Easy: Run at slow speeds, often used for warming up and the recovery phases.

The Runner Cardio and Multi-Sport Cardio watches provide advanced features, designed to meet the needs of runners and fans of sports all kinds:
Extra large high resolution screen: the new TomTom watch allows you to refer to time, pace and the distance covered during the training on a extra-large high-resolution display.
Partner training full screen graph: thanks to the partner Training chart from TomTom, athletes can achieve their goals more easily.
Single button control: this intuitive single button control allows users to navigate through menus with ease.
“Indoor” function: this function allows to accurately track the progress of indoor races through integrated sensors that register the strides. The runners can control their pace and distance, even when working out on treadmills.
Ultra-flat design: with its ultra-thin design, this very light watch fits all wrist sizes.
QuickGPSFix Technology: At the start of each workout, QuickGPSFix allows to find the position quickly and accurately thanks to the latest GPS and GLONASS satellite technology.
Multiplatform compatibility: TomTom watches allow to synchronize, analyze, and share statistics on the social networks and the most popular running sites, including TomTom MySports, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and Strava.
Foolproof: the scratch-resistant screen is resistant to any type of training. The shock-resistant and scratch-resistant glass preserves the readability of the screen, session after session.
A waterproof and weather resistant watch: its design allows athletes to run in any weather. Water-resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM).
Long battery life: run longer without recharging the watch, with up to 8 hours in GPS mode and heart rate monitor, and up to 10 hours in GPS mode only.
Smart Bluetooth technology: allows to connect the watch to sensors, thanks to the latest wireless technologies.

Thanks to Rangermade for bringing the Cardio Runner launch to my attention. Have a look at their best outdoor watch page, as well as the best G-Shock watch page.

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